Anirudh Bhargava – INTACH Environmental Award

Anirudh Bhargava – INTACH Environmental Award has been instituted in the memory of his son by Dr. Ranjit Bhargava, INTACH Life Member and facilitated by a grant. The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Exemplary contribution to the protection of Environment / Natural Heritage through steps to stop environmental destruction or contributing to regeneration. The tangible benefits achieved should be highlighted.
  • The individual / institution should not have received a similar award from any national or international organization or a non-governmental organization
  • Nature of the work be outlined & done during the last three years.

The award comprises a cash price of Rs.50, 000, a momento with the INTACH logo and a citation.

Since its institution, the recipients of the award are as follows:

  • Mr. Harendra. B. Allay, Chairman and Shri Bharat Prakash Rai, Secretary of Federation of Societies for Environmental Protection, Darjeeling
  • Shri K. Lianthanga, Mizoram for his immense contribution in a state where there has been vast destruction of flora and fauna. His regenerated forest on donated and is an example for not only Mizoram but for the whole of the North East.
  • Shri Y.D. Singh, Jodhpur for his excellent contribution to the different facets of environment.
  • 130 INF BN (TA) ECOLOGICAL for their ecological work done in Pithoragarh, Kumaon Hills, Uttaranchal. The award was presented by the State Forest Minister and the Army Commander, Central Command to the Commanding Officer of the Pithoragarh Eco-Task Force.
  • Sh. M.V.Mori and the Jhalawadi Patels community residing around Visatpura in Kadi Taluka, Mehsana District (Gujarat) for preservation of the blackbuck despite the crop
  • Sh. Ramji Vyas, Jodhpur for protection of forest lands against all manner of encroachments inspite of official opposition