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Conservation Centers


Conservation of old mural paintings in Thiagaraja Swamy Temple, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu.
INTACH ICKPAC have conducted workshops and awareness programmes for the public, art community and connoisseurs in the ‘Care and Preservation of Cultural Property’ in Bangalore. As a result of this, we can see a rise in the keen interest in conservation/ restoration.

  • A lecture series was organized on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary celebrations of ICKPAC- “Aloka” (19th – 24th July 2003) outlining :
    (a) Nature of materials,
    (b) Manufacturing methods of different media- paper, canvas, inks & pigments, etc.
    (c) Agents responsible for deterioration
    (d) Preventive conservation methods.

  • Workshop on Care and Preservation of Library and Archival Materials (26th – 29th August 1996).

  • ‘Workshop on Preservation of Art Objects and Library Materials’ (15th – 18th March 1994).

Many other workshops and training programmes were conducted in different parts of Karnataka, the objective being to impart theoretical knowledge and practical training in the Preventive Conservation of manuscripts to persons working on the collections of the Matter as well as people from surrounding area dealing with manuscripts.
The contents of lectures and demonstrations in these workshops were:

  1. Nature of palm leaf and methods of processing same for writing purpose.
  2. Manufacturing methods of Paper; properties of paper.
  3. Physico-chemical factors causing deterioration of manuscripts – palm leaf as well as paper.
  4. Biological agents causing deterioration of manuscripts.
  5. Preventive Conservation methods
    a) Cleaning and maintenance of cleanliness
    b) Controlling of temperature and humidity
    c) Prevention of fungal and insect attack
    d) Proper storage methods
    e) Disaster management
  • The workshops titled “Workshop on Preventive Conservation of Manuscripts” had been conducted in many venues in the past four years.
    1) Ramachandrapura Matta – Hosanagar Taluk, Shimoga District (March 2004).
    2) Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Pampa Mahakavi road, Chamarajpet, Bangalore (May 2004).
    3) National Institute of Prakrit Studies, Shravanabelagola, Hassan District (September 2004).
    4) B.M.Shri. Prathistana, N.R. Colony, Bangalore (October 2004).

Besides the workshops and other training activities described above, our conservators have visited some major manuscript collections in universities and other institutions and imparted training in preventive conservation of palm leaf as well as paper manuscripts to the local staff and students, so that they can continue the work even after the departure of our people and maintain the collections in a proper way.

Some of these collections are:

  1. Puthige Matha, Udupi. (In October 2004)
  2. Govindapai Research Centre, Udupi. (In March 2005)
  3. Kannada Study Centre, Karnataka University, Dharwad. (In May 2005)
  4. Dept. of Post Graduate Kannada Studies and Research, Mangalore. (In January 2006, here other that training the library staff and research scholars, the entire collection was also conserved)
  5. Shrimad Veerashaiva Shivayoga Mandira, Badami. (In June 2006)
  6. Jnana Bharati, Bangalore University, Centre of Kannada Studies, Bangalore. (In July/August 2006)
  7. Janapadhaloka (Folklore Museum), Ramanagar, Bangalore Rural. (In September 2006)
  8. Vedeshwara Study Circle, Library, Gokarna, Karnataka. (In November 2006)
  9. The United Theological College, Bangalore. (December 2006)
  10. Maharaja Govt. Sanskrit College, Mysore. (January 2007)
  11. Keladi Museum, Keladi, Shimoga District. (April 2007)
  12. Ramarani Research Centre, Jain Mutta, Moodabidri. Dakshina Kannada District (June 2007)
  13. Shri. Ragavendra Swamy Mutta, Chamarajpet, Bangalore. July 2007 - Ongoing)
  14. Shri. Murugarajendra Mutta, Chitradurga (From October 2007 to January 2008)
  15. Sri. Dhanashala Mutta, Karkala (from January 2008 to February 2008)
  16. Sri. Uttaradhi Mutta, Bangalore. (From February 2008 to March 2008)
  17. Sri. Shripadaraj Mutta, Bangalore (from March 2008 to June 2008)

Other than these institutions with large collections, our conservators along with completing their conservation work have also trained many private collectors across the state.